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Startups are not built overnight.

The media constantly glorifies entrepreneurship and markets it as a luxurious lifestyle. One where you are your own boss, you make the rules, and life is wonderful.

However, this is not remotely close to what being a startup founder entails. It's a lonely world where those who are successful make sacrifices, work 16+ hour days, and constantly struggle.

Hey, I'm Mike and I bootstrap awesome online tools!

At RubiniSolutions, we create software that aims to help people inform their business and life decisions using data.

Last year, we successfully created 3 profitable startups, and many others that failed. This year, we are going to do the same!

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  • bootstrapping: mental frameworks, validating your idea, prioritizing among everything that needs to be done, delegating, hiring team members

  • growth hacking: getting early product traction in competitive spaces by testing customer acquisition channels, building good marketing funnels

  • software development: choose what stack to use and building your MVP

  • scaling your agency: transitioning from a traditional agency structure to a more profitable structure, creating systems and processes

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Every SaaS owner learned the same lessons.

I learned them the hard way: by trial and error, I lost money on bad deals and poor choices.

Let me help you avoid the same mistakes I made and move your business forward.

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