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We help you inform your decisions using data.


We help people inform their business and life decisions using data.

Information is widely available today. In fact, we have too much of it, causing a problem known as information overload. Moreover, we often can not locate information because we have it distributed across different channels and devices: this problem is called information fragmentation.

We try to solve these problems by creating relationships and systems between data so that it becomes more meaningful and clear.

We go to market as fast as we can. We keep our team small so that we can ship features faster than bigger corporations.

We ensure we have no or little overhead so that we can pay ourselves first and ensure the survival of the business. Operating this way we were able to keep our projects profitable from day 1.

All of our projects are built with an initial capital of less than $100. We strive to reach profitability from day 1 and we actively avoid working with investors.

We try to create new autonomous, loosely interconnected projects by subtracting feature from existing projects and applying them to other markets.

We share our journey as well as app and revenue metrics with everyone. Take a look here.


Angage e-Commerce Intelligence

eCommerce Data
Intelligence Platform

Micro PE

Micro PE
Dealflow Platform

Groouply Facebook Groups Tracking

Fb Groups Tracking
And Reporting

Treendly Trends Tracking

Trends Tracking
And Reporting

Adagio CRM for musicians

Gig Tracker
For Musicians

TimelyGigs Gigs Tracking

Jobs Tracking
And Reporting

Service Business

Affordable Digital Marketing & Services for Startups

Jazz Services
Service Business

Digital Marketing Services
for Jazz Brands